The purpose of the freesmartphone.org.* D-Bus interface specifications is to provide interoperatibility between implementations and a reliable API contract between all processes.


For details, please see our automatically generated docs that follow right after this page.


For brainstorming, please use our mailing list fso@openphoenux.org.

Style guide

  • Bus names are all lowercase with . separation, e.g. org.freesmartphone.odeviced.
  • Object names all lowercase with / separation, e.g. /org/freesmartphone/device/idlenotifier/0.
  • Method and Signal names are CamelCased, e.g. ListFoo, GetBar.
  • Use Get/Set prefixes for accessors, such as GetServiceCenter, SetServiceCenter.
  • Use verbs for operations, such as ListProviders, Unlock, SendAuthCode.
  • Use similar terms for similar operations, e.g. ListProviders, ListCells.
  • Keep the vocabulary as simple as possible, but as large as necessary.
  • The use of D-Bus properties is controversial, for now we don’t use them in any of the freesmartphone.org specifications.