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Code is a modern service-based middleware platform for Linux-based embedded systems. It is tailored for simple and uniform access of all features, thus leveraging innovation and keeping you in control. FSO is completely free software that allows you to concentrate on your application problems rather than on device specifics. Read on to learn about the key features.

Service Domains

Plugin Architecture

Hardware Support

FSO supports all your service needs on modern connected devices, including solutions for the following domains:

  • Hardware Abstraction
  • Telephony
  • Networking
  • Time, Date & Location
  • Data Storage
  • User Preferences

FSO is leightweight and modular – you don't have to pay for features you are not using. FSO has been optimized for low memory and power consumption and a reasonable runtime footprint.

FSO is written in Vala, a modern object oriented programming language that compiles to C – thus giving you the maximum performance.

FSO runs on any hardware that ships with a modern Linux 2.6 kernel. It is dedicated to run on top of a open GNU/Linux userland, but can also be useful in foreign environments, such as hardware running Android, Maemo, MeeGo, or WebOS.

Holistic Approach

No Strings Attached

Commercial Support

In contrast to the multitude of abstractions on typical Linux-based middleware solutions, FSO follows a holistic approach. It offers DBus-APIs all over the place, making the middleware easily accessible and innovation friendly. With FSO, you no longer have to reinvent the middleware when all you want to do is write a new exciting application.

Service worlds usually are greedy, forcing you into using a dedicated set of tools, languages, or libraries. FSO comes without any strings attached – its APIs can be used from all kinds of languages and libraries.

Due to its open nature and liberal license – being mostly a community driven project – FSO is the perfect choice for research and education. It does not stop there though.

For commercial vendors with special needs, we can offer professional support for FSO, including, but not limited to consulting and development. If you're interested, contact us via E-Mail.